The Hearing Doctors of Wheaton, Illinois would like to share these video testimonials from our patients.
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Richard Lotesta came to The Hearing Doctors in Wheaton, Ill., to get his hearing examined. He left the office transformed. “I heard the crunching of the salt on the ground for the first time,” he said. The technology in his ReSound Hearing Aid allowed him to manage his hearing aid and adjust for different settings. And when he received a phone call, his cell phone app directed the call to his hearing aid. “I could hear the call with both ears!”

Wheaton resident Kathy Gepnar was referred to The Hearing Doctors by her husband to treat her hearing loss. Watch and listen to Kathy’s story about how we were able to help her improve her quality of life.

Long-time Wheaton, Ill. resident Dick Olsen said his son used to tell him his favorite word was “What?” because he had trouble hearing. But, several friends referred him to The Hearing Doctors and Dr. Billing was able to help improve his hearing, and his relationships with his family!

Watch this video of Bob and Carol Shaffer to learn how a new hearing aid from Resound with smartphone technology improved their 52-year marriage.

David Huck is a life long hearing aid patient and 10-year patient of Dr. Sheri Billing of The Hearing Doctors. See what this experienced patient has to say about The Hearing Doctors!

James Amidei talks about the importance of the welcoming atmosphere of The Hearing Doctor’s office as a deciding factor in choosing Dr. Billing as his audiologist.

Charlene Anderson answers: How did The Hearing Doctors compare to your previous audiologist? And: What does individualized care mean to you?

The Hearing Doctors patient, Mark Smith, answers: How did you know you needed a hearing exam? And: What were your expectations before coming to The Hearing Doctors?

Sean Keighron has been a patient of Dr. Sheri Billing since 1995. He answers: Why did you choose The Hearing Doctors for your audiology care?

Albert DeSmedt has worn a hearing aid for 12 years. He answers: How has your experience been with The Hearing Doctors?