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Can an Ear Infection Cause Adult Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss typically happens when you’re exposed to loud noises for a long time. For example, if you’re working on a construction site for a long time then it’s possible that you might end up with hearing loss that is caused by loud power tools and other machines. But exposure to loud noises only causes […]

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High-Frequency Hearing Loss: Know the Symptoms and Treatment

Hearing loss is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be caused by several factors, including age, noise exposure, and genetics. However, one type of hearing loss that is becoming increasingly common is high-frequency hearing loss. This blog post will discuss the symptoms and treatment of high-frequency hearing loss. Symptoms of High-Frequency […]

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Why Is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

Often, we fail to notice if our hearing has worsened because it can occur so gradually over an extended period of time. It is something that develops so gradually over time that you may not be aware of slight changes in your hearing. Usually, children receive hearing screenings every few months as they develop, while […]

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At Home Caring Tips for Hearing Aids

If you’ve recently taken a hearing survey and have had to acquire and adjust to new hearing aids, or you’re a long-term user of hearing aids in need of an improved cleaning regime, it may be of use to glance over some new suggestions on preventative maintenance and proper care. Through more thorough procedures of […]

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What’s a Safe Listening Volume?

When you love a certain song or artist, it’s natural to turn up the volume. The higher volume makes your music sound more fun and immersive. This is why headphones are so popular. But, did you know that there are risks involved with always listening to loud volumes? Do you know what the recommended listening […]

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Stigma Around Using Hearing Aids Waning

There are many people out there who are experiencing hearing loss – and who may have been experiencing it for some time – but who have put off consulting an audiologist as a result of the perceived stigma of wearing a hearing aid. Over the years, some people have associated hearing aids solely with old […]

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3 Things You Should Understand About Hearing Protection

In recent years there’s been a growing awareness of the importance of proper hearing protection for anyone who finds themselves in loud environments on a regular basis – whether with regards to working in a noisy industrial setting, or with regards to leisure pursuits such as attending concerts. To this end, ever-more sophisticated forms of […]

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Is There A Guarantee with Hearing Aids?

If you only make one investment in your life, make it in your health. Hearing aids are an investment that you should certainly make when you need them since they are as important to your health as anything else. The hearing aids you select affect your quality of life, and if you want to ensure […]

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Can You Pass A Hearing Test But Still Have Problems Hearing?

Many individuals experiencing hearing loss ask a very sensible question; can you pass a hearing test but still have problems hearing? There are a number of different answers to this very good question. The reality is that it all boils down to the degree of the hearing loss. As hearing loss worsens, the likelihood of […]

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3 Methods of Communicating with The Hearing Impaired

Even without hearing loss, discussions and communication require a great deal of concentration, energy and patience. A loud setting or individuals who talk too rapidly can make communication difficult for anyone, but especially for those with hearing loss or other hearing impairments. This can make things challenging not just for the person with hearing loss […]