Today’s Hearing Aids Fit Your Lifestyle–Smaller, Better Technology Offer Improvements Over Older Models

I’m always amazed when I see the reaction of my new patients to the new technology available in today’s hearing aids. Many people think they are doomed to wearing a bulky, uncomfortable hearing aid.
Fortunately, they are happy to learn that today’s hearing aid hardly resembles the device your parents or grandparents might have worn.

Watch this video on new hearing aid technology to learn more!

Micro technology has allowed manufacturers to create small, intimate hearing aids that are not as conspicuous as their predecessors. Let’s take a look at two of the newer models available:

-24 hours of use from a 3-hour charge (fully charged)
-30 min charge (if they’ve forgotten) gives them 6-hours use
-IP 68 rated
-1,500 charge cycles with one battery (just over 4 years)
-Battery replaced anytime it’s in for repair
-Repair charges are standard out of warranty
-Long press turns the aids on/off: on-single blink, off-double blink
Moxi Now
Experience unmatched performance in a tiny package. Moxi™ Now is the smallest hearing aid in its class, yet delivers a powerful punch. Built to match your active lifestyle, Moxi Now offers amazing comfort, automatic adjustments, intuitive functionality and natural sound with exceptional speech understanding.
Choose from 12 colors to fit your personal style. Can be used for a wide variety of hearing losses.
For today’s patient, it’s important to have options that fit your needs and lifestyle. Newer hearing aids like Moxi the new Phonak hearing aid are so tiny, only your closest friends and family will know you are evening wearing it!