man in booth for professional hearing test

Why Is a Regular Hearing Screening Important?

Often, we fail to notice if our hearing has worsened because it can occur so gradually over an extended period of time. It is something that develops so gradually over time that you may not be aware of slight changes in your hearing. Usually, children receive hearing screenings every few months as they develop, while […]

young girl taking hearing examination in specialist's office

4 Signs Your Child Needs A Hearing Test

Hearing is something that we can all take for granted. But when it comes to our children, it is something that we do need to monitor. Being able to hear well can impact the cognitive and social development of children, so if there are any signs of hearing loss, it is important to not delay […]

a pediatric ear doctor examining a childs ear

How Does an Audiologist Conduct a Hearing Test?

If you are booked in for your first hearing test, you may be feeling a little bit nervous about what to expect. After all, it is natural to be anxious when doing anything for the first time. You may be worried that the hearing test is going to be intrusive. However, there is nothing to […]