Cooking tips for those with hearing loss

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of sounds that go with the smells of a kitchen. Those sounds can tell you a lot about food, such as when it’s time to turn down the heat on the stove or add a new ingredient to the dish. For someone with hearing loss, cooking can be a challenge. Here are four tips for cooking in the kitchen with hearing loss:

1. Plan extra time to cook

If you have hearing loss and you’re cooking with other people, you may want to plan for extra time in the kitchen so you don’t feel rushed.  There are lots of apps which can help you prepare your food, or even simpler – you can use a notebook! Writing down step by step guides can help you follow what you’ll need to do.  

2. Keep an extra watch on the food

I never realized until recently that sounds can tell you so much about food. For example, water about to boil over the pan, or onions sizzling too much indicating the heat needs turning down. When you hear these sounds, you don’t necessarily need to watch all the dishes.   But if you can’t hearing, you need to monitor your cooking closely with visual clues about how the food is cooking.

3. Use tools

People with hearing loss can’t hear a traditional oven timer, but they can use a timer on their phone. A smart watch with an alarm that flashes or vibrates, is also a great tool to ensure you don’t overcook your food. Most technology companies have smart watches which come with timer apps, so why not research to see what’s best for you? If not, a simple flashing alarm clock can do… just set it to the time when the food is ready and it will either flash or vibrate depending on which you prefer.

If you need to schedule a hearing exam, contact the Hearing Doctors at 630.752.9505.

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