Follow these tips to make your holiday travel plans safe and smooth with your hearing aids

For most of us, holiday travel can be stressful. But imagine traveling in today’s climate with a hearing impairment or hearing aids. Fortunately, with a little planning and some knowledge, your trip will be smooth sailing and stress-free!
First, before you leave, go thru this pre-travel checklist to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances you may encounter on the road:

Watch the video to learn more!

Pre-Travel checklist
1. Replacement batteries or charger
2. Extra tubing, soft domes, audio shoe, sport clip, or other attachable accessories
3. Dehumidifier for drying hearing aids (if not using a charger with a drying function)

As you encounter airport security, it’s important to know how TSA will treat your hearing aids. Some patients find it easier to carry medical documention with them to show the security guard. TSA has a downloadable notification card just for that purpose.

According to the latest TSA guidelines, you should notify a security officer that you are wearing hearing aids before screening begins. You do not have to remove your hearing aids during screening but, if your hearing aids set off the walk-through metal detector you may be subject to additional screening.
And, don’t worry — X-rays, walk-through metal detectors, full-body scanners, and hand-held detection devices will not damage your hearing aids.

Once you are on the plane, you are not subject to the same rules regarding the use of portable electronic devices as everyone else. The FAA exempts such devices as hearing aids and pacemakers because they don’t give off signals like cell phones that might interfere with aircraft controls.
I hope this has been helpful. To make an appointment with the Hearing Doctors, call our office at 630.752.9505

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