Avoid summer time noise exposures to reduce risk for hearing loss

Summer noise can put your hearing at risk

For most of us, summer means vacations, the beach and outdoor activities and barbecues.
But when I think of summer, I think about all the loud noises my patients are exposed to that put their long term hearing health at risk.

Watch this video to learn more: Summertime noise exposure

Exposure to fireworks, outdoor concerts, loud noises from parades and even loud lawn and garden power tools can gang up on your hearing health.

There are, however, ways you can protect yourself, and your children from unnecessary loud noises from these common outdoor activities.

Ear plugs. Most audiologists provide custom ear protection that you can wear while you are engaging in these activities. (show example). Many drug stores also sell these.

Keep a safe distance from noises. At the 4th of July Parade, try to encourage kids from sitting too close to those firetrucks to avoid exposure to those blaring sirens.

Avoid swimmer’s ear. If summer means more time in the water, that means a higher risk you may come down with what’s called swimmer’s ear, or a swelling in the inner ear from too much moisture. To avoid this, after swimming, tilt your head to drain water from each ear and gently wipe the outer ear with a towel. Do not use cotton-tipped swabs to clean ears as these may do more damage.

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